Helpful Resources

Additional Aids for Quick Improvement

Learn Languages with Netflix: This is a great tool for watching content on Netflix with two subtitles. You can follow the link above or search for “learn languages with Netflix” on your browser and download the plugin. After that, it will be available at the … Continue reading

Other Random Channels for Listening

YouTube Channels for Inspiration, Curiosity or a Simple Laugh Better Than Yesterday: Great daily tips for living a better life and being a better person Today I Found Out: Lots of random and unique topics or facts that are always interesting to learn about … Continue reading

Learn on YouTube

Here is a list of 20 YouTube channels that you can use to help you in your language learning process. Some of these are for beginners, intermediate, Portuguese-speaking learners. Check these channels, and comment below if you know anymore great English channels! Channels for Learning English … Continue reading

Have Fun Reading

Interesting blogs and articles about English (mostly) Places to take free online classes, Business Insider: An article about some places to find free online classes for many different subjects Fluent U: A blog with lots of helpful tips for English, learning languages in general … Continue reading


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