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sod houses in Iceland, common for the Northeastern & Northwestern Regions

What makes Iceland unique? Part 3 – Northeastern & Northwestern Regions

If you haven’t noticed yet, Iceland has a lot that makes it a unique country in and of itself. Making our way around the island, this post will dwell a bit on the two northern regions. Being so far up there, these are the two parts … Continue reading

two puffins on the cliffs of Látrabjarg, an iconic place in the Westfjords region of Iceland

What Makes Iceland Unique? Part 2 – Western Region, Westfjords

Welcome back to another post about Iceland! We’re going to continue our curious quest to learn what makes different parts of the world stand out from all the rest. Moving on within the nation of Iceland, this post explores how unique the Western Region and Westfjords … Continue reading

the voyager ship sculpture on the coast of Reykjavik, in the Capital Region Iceland

What Makes Iceland Unique? Part 1- Capital Region, Southern Peninsula

Intro If you’re anything like me, you know you love to travel, discover new cultures, and learn about the beauty in this wonderful planet we live on. Today I want to introduce (or reintroduce?) you to a beautiful, remarkable little Nordic country called Iceland. And it’s … Continue reading