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rainbows over lake diefenbaker in rural saskatchewan

What makes Saskatchewan unique? – 10 Cool Features 🇨🇦

Heading out to the middle of the prairie, this is Saskatchewan’s time. A Canadian province known for flat open terrain and farming, this place definitely has a lot more specialties than milk and bread. Read a quick profile and then enjoy about 10 cool things that … Continue reading

red sandstone cliffs and shores of Prince Edward Island

What makes Prince Edward Island unique?- 11 Cool Features 🇨🇦

Set the sails and off to the “Prince” of Canada’s provinces! Prince Edward Island is a place known for its red shores and soils, many lighthouses, Green Gables, and for potatoes, ostensibly. Let’s check out 11 of the cool features that make PEI special. But first, … Continue reading

canada way, vancouver

What makes Vancouver unique? – 13 Cool Features 🇨🇦

Welcome to Vancouver! This is a city known for activities like hiking and surfing and being ecologically minded with its many preserved forests. It’s also notorious for being one of the topmost expensive cities in the world — like, top 3 — but Vancouver doesn’t stop … Continue reading

Mount Robson and Berg Lake in Northern British Columbia

What makes Northern British Columbia unique? – 8 Cool Reasons 🇨🇦

Up to the north side of the Canadian west coast. Well, sort of. Less expensive than the south and a lot less populated, what Northern British Columbia lacks in those areas, it more than makes up for in God-given beauty. I guess it was just born … Continue reading


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