Adventures of Charles

person driving at night with bright red streetlights flashing, referring to a short story that takes place in a car where two characters discuss clout

Lead fame hit | What is ‘Clout’? – with dialogue

Meanings of Clout Welcome to another post and yet another word explanation … sort of. Today’s focus is on “clout,” a word that has resurged up into popularity lately. Clout in normal situations has a couple of different meanings already. It can be a hit or a strike, and … Continue reading

bright entrance to a large dark cave, representing the meaning of deep

“Depth trap dive”- figurative meanings and uses of ‘Deep’

The guys didn’t know it, but they were looking down a deep hole. Well, a cave or sinkhole would be the technical terms. Charles was sweating in the heat of the beating sun. His helmet smudged the dirt on his forehead. He looked over to his friend, Jonah, to … Continue reading

wing of an airplane seen from inside at sunset, theme of the story about cops and cop out

‘Get police bad excuse’ – meanings & uses of Cop, Cop-out

If you’ve listened to English for long enough, you’ve probably heard the word “cop” before. It can have a couple of different meanings, though. We’ll take a look at these differing definitions with some explanations and some dialogue using our old trusty friend, Charles. Let’s read along! Cop (n) … Continue reading


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