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  • 37 coisas que os americanos fazem que confundem o resto do mundo (traduzido)
    Existe o jeito americano … e aí tem o do resto do mundo. *Traduzido do artigo original por Beth Anne Macaluso, Adam Schubak e Kara Ladd 25 de junho de 2018 Esse post é uma tradução desde o inglês do artigo na revista Redbook ou (clique aqui para o … Continue reading
  • Isn’t that a question? (audio version)
    We’re back again! Here’s an audio recorded version of my original post “Isn’t that a question” where I go over a few English phrases or terms. Please take a listen and test how much you can understand! This page just contains the audio for listening, but you can follow this … Continue reading
  • Fun time shoes (audio version)
    Want to practice your English listening to an audio — or just hear a cool short story? Here is a quick listening practice where you can also learn some informal English terms. This is the audio version of my original written post “Fun time shoes” (you can read it here). … Continue reading
  • society + Doctor Sleep [2019]
    This post is going to be a little different than what you’ve seen before. We’ve looked at music, American society, and even a couple of slang terms. I figured well, I also love movies, so why the heck not do a movie section? Of course, movies tend to be a … Continue reading
  • A handful (audio version)
    So I had the idea of recording some of the content here on CultSurf so that you could listen to it. If you’re learning English, you will now be able to listen to the stories and some of the content, and practice your listening skills as well! I will provide … Continue reading

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