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CultSurf is a place for English learners or those interested in Anglophone culture to gain more knowledge. From reading song lyrics to exploring American society, the content is growing all the time. Don’t be shy to comment and send me a recommendation of what you want to see on the site. I made this for you, after all!

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Blog ✏️ –

Read about my personal experiences, stories, plus some quick tips about English and other topics.

Adventures of Charles  🚀 –

Learn about regional English terms, phrases, and slang using realistic situations.

About Americans  🚩 –

Brush up on your knowledge about U.S. society and culture.

Lyrics “Explained”  🎤 –

Learn from and analyze random English song lyrics.

Em português  🆎 –

Para vocês que falam português e se interessam pelo mundo inglês.

At the Movies  🎥 –

Learn what movies have to say about society and culture in the English world.

the Actual English World  🗺 –

Exploring the world’s English-speaking nations a bit more in-depth.

Earth’s Face  🌍 –

Learn what makes the different parts within the world’s countries unique.

Videos 🎬 –

Watch videos that offer tips on English or elaborate previous posts.

Latest Posts

bright entrance to a large dark cave, representing the meaning of deep

“Depth trap dive”- figurative meanings and uses of ‘Deep’

The guys didn’t know it, but they were looking down a deep hole. Well, a cave or sinkhole would be the technical terms. Charles was sweating in the heat of the beating sun. His helmet smudged the dirt on his…

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view of the hills and Atlantic ocean from the Cabot Trail heading over the Cape Breton Highlands

What makes Nova Scotia unique? 8 Cool Reasons 🇨🇦

Another piece of the Maritimes, Canada’s got its own little Acadian Scotland. Nova Scotia is known for its seaside towns, extreme tides, and forested highlands. But does any of that make the province unique? Well, let’s find out. First, take…

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image about the Nigerian accent, talking about Nigerian English

Nigerian English – learning about the accent

Hi, I’m Susan Rex from Nigeria and always being a Nigerian (Smiling). I’m thankful to Trystn Waller for giving me this alternative to a guest post about my country Nigeria and its accent (just in brief). I’m a Relationship Coach, helping…

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