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CultSurf is a place for English learners or those interested in Anglophone culture to gain more knowledge. From reading song lyrics to exploring American society, the content is growing all the time. Don’t be shy to comment and send me a recommendation of what you want to see on the site. I made this for you, after all!

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Blog ✏️ –

Read about my personal experiences, stories, plus some quick tips about English and other topics.

Adventures of Charles  🚀 –

Learn about regional English terms, phrases, and slang using realistic situations.

About Americans  🚩 –

Brush up on your knowledge about U.S. society and culture.

Lyrics “Explained”  🎤 –

Learn from and analyze random English song lyrics.

Em português  🆎 –

Para vocês que falam português e se interessam pelo mundo inglês.

At the Movies  🎥 –

Learn what movies have to say about society and culture in the English world.

the Actual English World  🗺 –

Exploring the world’s English-speaking nations a bit more in-depth.

Earth’s Face  🌍 –

Learn what makes the different parts within the world’s countries unique.

Videos 🎬 –

Watch videos that offer tips on English or elaborate previous posts.

Latest Posts

sod houses in Iceland, common for the Northeastern & Northwestern Regions

What makes Iceland unique? Part 3 – Northeastern & Northwestern Regions

If you haven’t noticed yet, Iceland has a lot that makes it a unique country in and of itself. Making our way around the island, this post will dwell a bit on the two northern regions. Being so far up…

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man holding clapper board, short video post about the expression a host of

What is a ‘Host’ of something? – Quick Tip Video

Watch this video for a quick explanation of the English expression a host of something with examples and explanations. Have you heard this expression before? Try to use it in your own sentences! Read more about this expression in the…

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man holding clapper board, short video post about the expression a host of

What is a ‘Grip’ of something? – Video Quick Tip

Watch these quick videos to hear how someone might use the slang word grip. Read “A Handful” to learn more about how this word is used. What do you think of my explanation?

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